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SOLD Prototype 2 preamp with granite enclosure.
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: preamp
Price: $0.00
Shipping Weight: 40.00 pounds
This unit is SOLD.
This is the second generation 770 preamp prototype. It has an aluminum chassis and comes with the 1/2" thick acrylic-granite enclosure. Granite Audio's MSRP list price on the granite alone is $1,000.00 . This prototype is an experimenter's dream. The chassis has lots of room to add to, or change the existing circuit. The chassis is set up for six 12AX7 tubes, one 6X4 tube, two VR tubes, and one octal rectifier tube. The chassis comes with the power transformer already installed. It also has ALPS BLACK BEAUTY volume and balance controls. These were discontinued years ago and are very rare now. Current market value is around $85.00 each, and this prototype has 3 of them. The selector switch, tape monitor switch, and power switch are all solid silver contacts and rated for 50,000 cycles without degradation of the switch contacts. The RCA input & output jacks are pure OFC copper with direct hard gold plating. They sell for $25.00 per pair, and this prototype has 9 pairs. The chassis wiring is Mil-Spec aircraft Teflon silver wire and retails for $10.00 per foot. So, this chassis is loaded with the best audiophile quality parts that you can buy. The OEM value of the parts alone are worth the asking price.

This prototype has 5 inputs, tape monitor loop, MM phono input, and weighs 31 pounds with the granite. Dimensions: 18.75" x 13.5" x 6.5" high. There is no top or bottom for the chassis and no knobs. There is an incomplete schematic available with this unit as it is a prototype and will differ somewhat from the schematic. This unit is sold AS-IS. You will need some advanced DIY skills to examine this prototype before plugging it in and turning it on. This preamp is in working condition if you add tubes. It is priced without tubes, but I can supply tubes if you need.

There are many photo links below showing the top, bottom, front, back, and insides of this amp. Please use the links to see all the super quality parts that come with this prototype.

Large Photos.
Bottom of chassis

Top of chassis.

Front with granite.

Back with granite.