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Granite Audio Model #860.7 Monoblock Power Amps. Pair.
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: GA860.7
Price: $6,500.00
Shipping Weight: 120.00 pounds
Special SALE Pricing shown is for a Matched Pair of these great sounding amps.
The MSRP List price on the 860.7 amps is $8,400.00 per pair.

The Model 860.7 amp is an upgraded Model 860. All upgrades were done at the factory and fully certified.


".3" Upgrade. Input Circuit.
Make the input grid stopper a fixed value. Add grid bypass to V1-6SN7 tube. Modify volume control circuit. This upgrade adds only 2 resistors to the music signal path. This upgrade lowers the system noise floor, gives some sonic improvement, and makes the volume control work better. Prior to the upgrade you may have noticed that the volume control would interact with some brands of 6SN7 tubes in the V1 tube socket. Prior to this upgrade it was necessary to use only the highest quality tubes in the V1 socket. This upgrade will cure that issue and allow you to use a wider selection of available 6SN7 tubes in the V1 socket. It will also lower the signal-to-noise to -90dB.

".7" Upgrade. (Also includes the ".3" Upgrade.)
Plate Circuit. Add more isolation and filtration to 6SN7 plate circuit. Filament Circuit. Convert 6SN7 filament circuit to DC voltage. This upgrades does not add any parts to the music signal path. This upgrade takes the amp to a whole new level. You will think you upgraded your speakers too. This upgrade seriously stabilizes the filament and B+ voltage rails to a whole new level that also takes the signal-to-noise measurement to -99dB at 7.0 volts output. The bass and vocals are even more clear and clean than before. The bass is even fuller and richer. The upper octaves of the piano are cleaner and more accurate. The notes decay and ring even more realistically. This upgrade will get your older amp closer to the performance of our newest Model 864 amp without spending $5,000.00. MSRP $1200.00 pair

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