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Granite Audio Model 429 Digital Subwoofer Cable. 25 Feet.
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: GA-429
Price: $295.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
MSRP $400.00 for 25 feet. Custom lengths available.

This Micro-75 Series high-performance subwoofer cable has both 100% Bonded Foil and 96% Braid Shielding for the ultimate in Low-Frequency subwoofer performance, even in the longer lengths required in modern custom home theater systems.

The #429 meets SMPTE 259M Broadcast Digital Standards (SDI) and can deliver 355Mb/s quality signals up to 655 feet, with <0.04dB/meter attenuation @ 10MHz. Signal conductor is 23AWG ultra-pure copper. Characteristic impedance is 75 ohms, +1.6 ohms, and the new #429 cable is available with one-piece 75 ohm RCA, BNC, or F connectors with an impressive High Return Loss of >45dB @ 10MHz.

The #429 delivers all the slam and solid bass that your subwoofer can offer.

BY BRETT RUDOLPH in DVDetc. Magazine.
Granite Audio Model 429 Subwoofer Interconnect, Rating 95.

Granite Audio is a company specializing in high performance audio equipment. However, to ensure the performance of their equipment, they decided to create a line of audio and video cables. As luck would have it, I came across these cables when listening to a good friend's new system and the company was kind enough to send me samples for review. Subwoofer cables are something of an interesting topic because you could really use just about any analogue interconnect. However, that really doesn't mean that it will sound good. With this in mind, the Model 429 was designed specifically for subwoofers.

The cable itself is handcrafted and very well made. On music, the cable was able convey the low level detail that meant the difference between a symphony sounding like you were there live, and one that wasn't. In fact, the bass performance of my subwoofer was definitely better, and made the music sound far better and realistic. If the cable made a difference on music, it was nothing compared to what it did for movies. I have long had issues with the cables people use for subwoofers rendering the booms and bangs mere shadows of themselves. Luckily this cable had no such problem. In fact, it is one of the few I have used in my reference system that allowed the true majesty in Lord of the Rings to be heard, even at its lowest levels.

In short, this is definitely a cable worth giving an audition. The difference it makes depends on the level of bass in the material you are using, but the more you use it, the more you will find you don't want to live without it. Luckily while it isn't inexpensive, it won't take a bank loan to purchase either. Rating - 95

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