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MSRP $50.00 . This is a special introductory price on a new product.

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#CD-101 Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: CD-101
Price: $35.00
Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds

Model #CD-101 Phono Burn-In & RIAA Test CD
MSRP $50.00

The Model #CD-101 is specially recorded with the RIAA Frequency Curve at 4mv output from a standard CD player for playback through the Phono input.  This simulates the output level and signal of a Moving Magnet or High-Output Moving Coil phonograph cartridge.  For standard burn-in of a phono section, just put this CD on your CD player, plug the RCA analog cables into the phono input, and play the entire disc as many times as needed to complete the burn-in process.  Playing tracks 1-22 through the phono input will give readings of +0dB to the Reference Tone at the tape output if the preamp's Reverse RIAA circuit is working properly.

Click here to read an article by Don Hoglund about what the RIAA curve is.

Using this CD to burn-in your phono section will save needless wear on your record stylus and turntable.  Standard music CD's cannot be used for this purpose because their signal level at 240mv to as much as 4 volts would overload your phono inputs, which are designed to handle only about 4mv of input signal.  Also, conventional CD's would have their low frequencies boosted by 20dB more than a phonograph record that was encoded with the RIAA bass rolloff.  So, playing a standard music CD through your phono input could also damage your speakers with excessive bass tones.  DO NOT attempt to play any standard music CD's through your phono inputs.  You can only do this with the Granite Audio Model #CD-101 Phono Burn-In CD.  Our CD is the only one that has been engineered for this purpose.

Test CD produced by Don Hoglund of Granite Audio using Hewlett-Packard random noise generator, HP decibel meters, Tektronix ultra-low distortion audio signal generator, Tek digital frequency counter, Tek digital decibel meters, and Tascam Pro-Studio CDRW.  This test CD is not engineered for human consumption.  Don't actually listen to it.  It is meant to burn-in the phono section while you're not listening to it.  Some of the RIAA test tones are recorded more than 70dB below reference and therefor the SN ratio is also very low.  Do not play this CD through other inputs because the RIAA high frequencies are 20 dB louder than the reference frequencies when not played through the RIAA equalization circuit of the phono input and can damage your tweeters or hearing.

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