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657 PCB with parts installed. No Transformer.
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: 657pcbstuff
Price: $590.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
This is the famous tube section used in Granite Audio's Model #657 Tube CD Player. This tube section made the Granite Audio #657 Redbook CD player sound even better than an expensive SACD player playing SACD's.

This kit comes with the PCB stuffed with parts. Tubes are not included. This kit uses two 6DJ8 tubes, one for each channel; and one 6X4 rectifier tube. The parts are all top quality audiophile grade parts. The large coupling caps are Sprague 715P polypropylene. The diodes are Schotkey Ultra-Fast Recovery. The 6DJ8 tube sockets are ceramic. The electrolytics are Panasonic and Nichicon. The plate resistors are Holco Precision with copper leads. Input and output jack solder points are clearly marked and labeled, as are the solder points for the transformer leads. The PCB is top quality glass epoxy with plated through holes and Made in USA. Kit is furnished with a schematic.

This kit comes without the transformer, so it's great to be used in an integrated power amp project where you need a tube preamp section, but already have a power supply transformer that is big enough to handle this extra section too. The transformer will need outputs for 5VAC @ 2A, 6.3VAC @ 1.5A, and 480VAC CT @ 40ma. This will make an ideal preamp section for your integrated project, because it will be totally isolated and separated from the power output section.

Measurements are:
PCB 4.5" x 4.3" x 3.1" High including tubes and standoffs.

Use this link to view a larger 12" photo.

If you're a small or large OEM and interested in buying quantities of this kit, please contact me for terms. We have 60 of these in stock and can make as many more as you want.